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Show Notes/Links Episode 58: Urban Legends that turned out to be TRUE

Best Life Online: 30 Urban Legends That Are Totally True

itv: The urban legends that were later proven true 

Reader's Digest: 10 Strange Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True  - Jones, Meghan

Mental Floss: 11 Terrifying Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True - Rossen, Jake

Britannica: urban legend

Wikipedia: Andre Rand

ABC News: True and Untrue Urban Legends

The Lineup: 5 Horrific Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True - Janes, DeAnna

This American Life: True Urban Legends

Fandom: Cropsey

Seattle Times: Corpse found under Memphis, Tenn., motel bed where couple slept - Wolff, Cindy

Snopes: The Body Under the Bed - Mikkelson, Barbara

Local 10 News: Guests unknowingly sleep in hotel with dead body under the bed

New York Post: Tibet hotel guest blames feet for horrible stench in room - but then discovers dead body under bed - Steinbuch, Yaron

CNN: He smelled something strange in his Tibetan hotel room. It was a dead body under his bed - Lau, Chris

Chicago Reader: They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror - Bogira, Steve

Unusual Horror: Secret Room Behind the Bathroom Mirror: Ruthie May McCoy's Murder

ABC News: Indian Victims Relate Horror of Kidney Theft

Hindustani Times: The fall, rise and fall of kidney racket kingpin Dr. Amit Kumar 

Wikipedia: Theodore Edward Coneys

Ranker: Horrifying Stories Of Intruders Who Secretly Lived Hidden In Other People's Homes - Schultz, Christopher

Shareably: Woman discovers a stranger had been living in her attic for weeks - LeClair, Britanie

The Guardian: Experience: a stranger secretly lived in my home

LAD Bible: Man Sets Up Camera And Finds Woman Living In His Cupboard - Smithers, Dominic

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