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Show Notes/Links Episode 71: Cursed Objects, Snowflake Trivet Crochet Pattern


Wikipedia: Curse

Ranker: Real-Life Curses That Will Make You Think Twice About Making Somebody Angry - Brinks, Melissa

Mental Floss: 16 Supposedly Cursed Objects and Places - Gutoskey, Ellen & Puchko, Kristy

Top Speed: 10 Things You Should Know About James Dean's Cursed Porsche 550 Spyder - Mishra, Reyan

Hagerty: The curse of James Dean's 'Little Bastard' Porsche 550 Spyder

How Stuff Works: Was JameFs Dean's Car Cursed? - Threewitt, Cherise

Motorious: The Curse of the 'Little Bastard': Fact, Fiction, or Horrible Coincidence - Puckett, Johnny

Kentucky Historical Society: New Details About the Cursed Chest

Heritage and History: The Cursing Stone - Carlisle

BBC Home: The Border Reivers - The Curse

Mysterious Britain & Ireland: Carlisle's Cursing Stone

The Guardian: They're doomed!

Biggar Archaeology group: The Great Monition of Cursing by Gavin Dunbar, the Archbishop of Glasgow on the border reivers - 1525 - Ward, Tam

Historic UK: The History of the Border Reivers - Johnson, Ben

Why Not Associates: Cursing Stone

Books Cumbria: The Carlisle Floods

Met Office: Floods in Carlisle - January 2005

LancsLive: The cursed stone in Carlisle city centre that's blamed for the outbreak of foot and mouth disease - Major, Melissa

YouTube BBC: Punt PI tries to burn 'cursed' Crying Boy painting (BBC Radio 4)

Exemplore: The Curse of 'The Crying Boy' Painting - Carney, Ann

Medium: The Curse of the Crying Boy 

Discover Vintage America: Michelle Knows Antiques - The Curse of the Crying Boy - Staley, Michelle

Wikipedia: The Crying Boy

Wikipedia: Giovanni Bragolin


FREE Pattern for the Snowflake Trivet courtesy of Hooks, Books & Wanderlust



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