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Show Notes/Links for Episode 11: Butterfly Stitch, Mothman

Butterfly Stitch

J Hook, Medium yarn (Red Heart is great)

KEY: CH = Chain; SC = Single Crochet; DC = Double Crochet; HDC = Half-Double Crochet

1. CH multiples of 2, then +1
2. In 2nd CH from hook, pull through a loop and do HALF a SC, so that you have 2 loops on hook.
3. Go into next CH, pull up another loop & DC
4. CH 1 and repeat until the end of the row
Next row, work into the large holes (or butterfly wings)
5. Insert hook into first large space/wing, pull up a loop
6. Half SC through that loop like before (2 loops on hook still)
7. Insert hook into second large space/wing & pull up a loop
8. DC, CH1
9. Repeat steps 5-8 until the end
10. At last space, complete a FULL butterfly stitch (steps 5-8 in that one last space)

Repeat until you complete your project!



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