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Show Notes/Links for Episode 33: Haunted US Roadtrip part 5

Only In Your State: The Mysterious Iowa Road You Absolutely Must Drive At Least Once by Magaraci, Kim

K92.3: 5 Haunted Iowa Destinations: #5 Stony Hollow Road

Only In Your State: Don't Drive On These 10 Haunted Streets In Iowa Or You May Regret It by Dpaulson

Only In Your State: Stay Away From Missouri's Most Haunted Street After Dark Or You May Be Sorry

Only In Your State: Rock Hollow Trail In Missouri Is One Of The Scariest Haunted Hikes In The U.S. by Price-Williams, Beth

Only In Your State: These 5 Urban Legends In Missouri Will Keep You Awake At Night by Butler, Stephanie

Dangerous Roads: Zombie Road is one of Missouri's most haunted places

KSDK NBC 5: 'Zombie Road: One of America's most haunted roads is in St. Louis County by Stallworth, Sydney

Only In Your State: Driving Down This Arkansas Road Will Give You Nightmares by VanDyke, J.B.

Facebook: Arkansas State Police

Hot 107.9: LA-57 Is Said To Be The Most Haunted Road In Louisiana 

Only In Your State: The 8 Most Haunted Roads in Louisiana by Kamenetz, Kezia

Law Tigers Motorcyle Lawyers: Riding Highway 57 - Louisiana's Most Haunted Road

Ultimate Unexplained: 8 Haunted Louisiana Roads Worth Taking A Trip From New Orleans by Cook, Gina

Wikipedia: Rougarou

YouTube, The Daytripper: Saratoga Lights - Most Haunted Road in Texas

Dangerous Roads: Ghost Road Scenic Drive is a haunted road in Texas

Texas Escapes: The Ghost Road by Bowman, Bob

Texas Escapes: Ghost Road Light by Adams, Jr., Jim

Legends of America: Ghostly Tales of Oklahoma 66

Only In Your State: Don't Drive On These 6 Haunted Streets In Oklahoma...Or You'll Regret It

Route 66 News: Ghosts on 66

IC in the ICT: The Haunting of Theorosa's Bridge

Only In Your State: The Legends Of The Theorosa's Bridge In Kansas May Send Chills Down Your Spine 

Only In Your State: The Story Behind This Haunted Bridge In Kansas Is Truly Creepy 

Legends of America: Ghostly Theorosa Bridge

Ranker: The Haunted Hills On Seven Sisters Road Is Said To Be A Real Paranormal Hotspot by Hart, Ada

Podium Runner: Seven Sisters Road

Legends of America: Haunted Seven Sister Road, Nebraska

WattPad: Seven Sisters Road


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