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Show Notes/Links for Episode 13: Creepy Dolls, VooDoo-Zombie Amigurumi Doll

Creepy Dolls Research Links

History vs. Hollywood: Annabelle (2014)

Brittle, G. (1980). The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Graymalkin Media; Reprint edition (September 30, 2013).

History vs. Hollywood: Ed and Lorraine Warren Occult Museum Tour Featuring Annabelle

Inside the Real Annabelle Doll's True Story of Terror

India Today: The truth about real-life haunted Annabelle doll escaping from its museum

Okiku: The Haunted Japanese Doll That Grows Human Hair

Japan's 8 Creepiest Shrines & Temples

The Ghost in My Machine: Encyclopaedia Of The Impossible: The Haunted Okiku Doll Of Mannenji Temple

Ghosts & Gravestones of Key West: Audubon House - The Lost Dauphin

Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult: Ruby the Haunted Doll

Meet Ruby the Haunted Doll with a Poignant Past

The Courier Mail: Meet one of Australia's most haunted dolls in Warwick

YouTube: Letta-Me-Out on State Fair 1981

Isla de las Mùnecas: The Island of the Dolls

Atlas Obscura: La Isla de las Munecas (The Island of the Dolls)

The sad legend behind Mexico's creepy Island of the Dolls




*G-Hook (Size 4.0)

*Medium-worsted weight yarn (smaller/lighter yarn, smaller hook!)

*Black yarn

*Darning needle (I found curved-tip ones that are easier to use!)

*Black Embroidery Floss


*Stitch marker or yarn of different color

*Embroidery/Sewing Needle

*Optional: Button for eye (can use safety eyes)

*Optional: Button heart


(KEY: MR=Magic Ring; SC=Single Crochet; INC=Increase; DEC=Decrease (I do an invisible decrease where enter Front-Loop Only); BLO = Back-Loop Only)



R1: MR, 6 SC (6)

R2: INC x 6 (12)

R3: 1 SC + INC x 6 (18)

R4: 2 SC + INC x 6 (24)

R5: 1 SC, (INC + 3 SC) x 5, INC, 2 SC (30)

R6: 4 SC + INC x 6 (36)

R7-13: 36 SC

R14: 2 SC, DEC, (4SC + DEC) x 5, 2 SC (30)

R15: 3 SC + DEC x 6 (24)

R16: 1 SC + DEC, (2SC + DEC) x 5, 1 SC (18)


R17. 1SC + DEC X 6 (12)


R18. DEC X 6 (6)



R1. MR, 8 SC (8)

R2. INC x 8 (16)

R3. SC + INC x 8 (24)

R4. 1 SC, (INC + 3SC) x 5, INC, 2 SC (30)

R5. 4 SC + INC (36)

R6. 5 SC + INC x 6 (42)

R7-12. 42 SC

R13. 5 SC + DEC (36)

R14. 4 SC. + DEC (30)

R15. 3 SC + DEC (24)

R16. 24 SC

R17. 24 SC

R18. 2 SC + DEC (18)



When finishing off Body, Legs & Arms:

-Cut off long strand to be able to weave

-Attach Darning needle

-Find 2nd Stitch from where you finished

-Insert needle into that stitch completely

-Wrap back around and find the Back-Loop of the stitch where you left off

-It should like continuous stitches!




R1. MR, 6 SC (6)

R2. INC x 6 (12)

R3. 2 SC + INC X 4 (16)

R4. SC 12 BLO (16)

R5. 2SC + DEC x 3 (12)

R6. SC 12

R7. SC + DEC (8)

R8. 8 SC (8)



ARMS x 2

R1. MR, 6 SC (6)

R2. 2 SC + INC (8)

R3. 8 SC (8)

R4. 8 SC (8)

(if needed, turn inside out)

R5. 2 SC + DC (6)

R6-8. 6 SC (6)

Slightly stuff with polyfil


Sewing on Head to body:

-Roughly on bottom in row 3-4 of head, sew to bottom

-Attach legs – bottom hits roughly 6th row from bottom

-Arms attached to where I sewed on head but can go anywhere

-Stitches can go anywhere

-Sew heart with DMC floss and embroidery needle


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